7 Year Old Wins Over $16,000 For Comic About a Little Black Girl With Magic Afro Puffs

Natalie McGriff, 7 stands next to an image of her comic book, The Adventures of Maxie Girl, a crowdfunding festival in Jacksonvill, Fl.
The entrepreneurial spirit is burning bright throughout our children of this generation, but the examples that they follow are a null disappointment to their growth. Here is a story of 7 year old Natalie who is an inspiration and an encouragement for our youth. The McGriff presented The Adventured of Maxie Girl at One Spark the world’s largest crowdfunding festival designed to connect creators with the resources they need to bring their ideas to life. Natalie comic book was a win, as the young author took home a check for $16,423, 69.
The Adventures of Maxi Girl is about a little Black girl that hates her natural hair, one day she uses some magic shampoo on her hair and her agro puffs take on super powers that give her the ability to save Jacksonville, Florida public libraries from being eaten by monsters. The story is a confidence boost in little Black girls as well as an encouragement to read, another area of that Natalie has have struggles with a time before putting this comic book together. Her mother Angie Nixon McGiff help to author the book upon realizing that her daughter suffered from self-esteem issues and hated to read.
Now she realizes how powerful and awesome her hair is and that in order for her to write a cool book, she needs to read more books and learn a different world.”- Angie Nixon McGiff
A major problem young Black girl’s face are the self-hate amongst our own people. Subconsciously we are breed via the educational system, media and history to look down on our own people, ourselves and our features such as hair, and skin tones.
Natalie is the winner of One Sparks Educational category. Over 530 projects reportedly competed at One Sparks and 300,000 people attended.