Edict of Responsibility

Society for Black Empowerment

We, the people practicing the following edicts, understand that the power of diversity, unity,  knowledge, history, determination and accountability will help to rebuild a stronger black community. We strive at all costs to make better lives for our children, sisters and brothers. To know that all people on this planet no matter the tone of their skin are created equal.

I. Education is our prime directive.
We recognize the power in knowledge, wisdom and truth. We will seek the truth in all things. We vow to keep ourselves educated and informed, politically, economically, socially and worldly.

II. Every man, woman and child shall be held accountable.
We shall ensure that everyone in any given circumstance (positive or negative) is held accountable for his or her actions. By holding ourselves and each other to this standard, we will foster a healthy culture of accountability.

III. The past is the compass for our future.
We acknowledge the power in our history. We vow to learn more about ourselves and our ancestors. In recognizing where we came from we have a stronger since of belonging. In recognizing who we are, we also recognize who we are not.

IV. Self, Family, and Community.
 We value the importance of family, and uphold the community to a high standard. We acknowledge that in order to grow as a community, we must first develop as individuals so we may then build strong healthy family bonds, for the body is only as healthy as each of its living cells. We will strive to promote the importance of family. We acknowledge that our women, the mothers and sisters of our community have endured the most of any in our culture. We vow to treat them fairly, equally and with respect and to never objectify them. We acknowledge the strength in our women and will look to them to draw forth that strength in our men. We acknowledge the strength in our men, and we vow to support, love, and encourage them.

V.We are rooted in our beliefs to spread the seed of our unity.
We acknowledge that in order to stand firm in our beliefs we must build upon a strong foundation. That our children and our family will follow our creed just as we do to ensure the growth of our community into the future.

VI. Diversity brings unity. Unity brings strength
We acknowledge that all things cannot be achieved by one person. In order for our community to grow we must continually seek unity. We will value each individual, and understand that each person no matter their pigment, light or dark skinned, black or white, can contribute to our cause. We will seek excellence in each other and strive to bring forth that excellence.

VII: Laws are a tool to the governments. Knowledge is the tool to ours.
We will understand our natural human rights and the laws of the land to the fullest of our abilities. In knowledge is power, and with knowledge of the law we can arm ourselves with the proper equipment to combat social injustices.

VIII: Equality above all things.
We acknowledge that all human beings, despite their differences, race, gender, pigmentation, intellect. Should be treated equally and with due respect. We acknowledge that without that respect, the foundation of our system is compromised. That all black Americans share our struggle, whether they be fair skinned or darker, and to seek unity despite our personal experiences with any given individual.