Mission Statement

The name Society of Black Empowerment isn’t meant to imply that you, as the individual, are powerless. On the contrary, we prove, everyday, the strength of our will and character by overcoming the obstacles that has been placed in front of us. The mission of Society of Black Empowerment (S.B.E.) is just that, to create a community where we empower ourselves and each other. We seek to create a community where we can teach and learn, from one another, about our history and current obstacles we face. THIS IS NOT A HATE GROUP. We acknowledge that there are things that have been done to us by evil people. However, our focus is on ourselves. Let us remove everyone else from our communities and focus on the ROOT so that we can uplift ourselves, define ourselves, and prevent others from defining our realities and history. We wish to usher in a movement that believes in a better tomorrow, a Black Tomorrow. A tomorrow where black people are united within our communities and around the world. No longer will they be able to subject us to economical disadvantages, educational mistreatment, or political destruction. We will be able to create our OWN jobs, have our OWN schools, and elect our OWN leaders. A Black Tomorrow is coming, are you ready?